Playtime Collection
A sense of play lives within all of us. As we move through life and take on new responsibilities, we often forget the importance of play. We forget the uninhibited joys of a simple doodle, the rush of an arcade game, or the bliss of a break at recess. Our Playtime collection calls kids-at-heart to return to play. It presents a chance to indulge our most spirited and imaginative sides through shapes and colors. It is a fresh reminder to design for playfulness in our everyday lives.

We believe play is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. In this collection, we explore and celebrate the shapes that shaped us, the colors that connected us, and the patterns that still make us smile. Playtime presents a series of textiles that are equal parts versatile, bold, vibrant, and, most of all, fun. The Playtime collection, and each high-performance fabric, invites you to come out and play. Will you take it?

Nomadic Collection
Inspired by traditional nomadic lifestyles, our collection is deeply connected to nature, the cycle of seasons, and the captivating color palettes found in treasured landscapes around the world.
Cleaner Chart
Sanitize, disinfect, and clean with confidence
Curio Collection
Inspired by rare, beautiful, and quality objects and places into new materials made to hold memories of their own.
Luxurious, acoustical wall art in peel & stick application
Fast Track
Design fast, ship faster with our Fast Track Program.
Healthier Hospitals Initiative
Free of FR, Formaldehyde, PFC, PVC and Anti-Microbial Additives
Discover our Woven, Polyurethane and Phthalate Free Vinyl Wallcoverings
Bleach Cleanable
Explore our wide range of bleach cleanable upholstery, wallcoverings and tiles.

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