A pioneer in technology, NappaTile has crafted a unique solution for interior spaces that require acoustic solutions – faux leather wall tiles. The acoustic collection contributes affordable acoustic solutions to commercial interiors while fulfilling the esthetically beautiful desires and demands of today’s work environment.


The tiles are constructed with perforated or breathable polyurethane coverings – allowing sound to be absorbed into the material. In addition, the product is easily cleanable, solving the concerns when selecting felt or woven tiles that collect dust over time. Made to withstand the realistic rigorous demands of today’s work environments, the collection’s acoustic properties are carefully crafted to reduce noise and control sound.


The acoustic collection functions as sound absorbing wall art. Absorbing sound waves and limiting reverberation within a room, the product reduces general noise and improves sound quality. Beneficial to commercial interiors and open office floor plans, the technology controls the noise volume achieving a 0.60 NRC rating. – allowing for better concentration and less stress to improve the health and wellness of its occupants


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